Families Foundation
Making An Investment In Future Achievers

Core-Mark Families Foundation


Our Mission

The Foundation’s Purpose is to help promising young people(*) who have the desire and the aptitude to seek education/training beyond high school.


The cost of junior colleges, colleges, universities, and technical/trade schools are steadily increasing. We want to give a hand up to those students who have the best chance of leveraging the opportunity of higher education


(*) Open to dependent children of non-management, non bargaining unit, Core-Mark International, Inc. employees who have been in a full-time position with the Company for the most recent two year period.

How to Apply

To apply for consideration, please follow these steps.
All applications should be submitted using the forms provided on this site.
If further assistance is required please contact your local Core-Mark office
or email us using the at

Part 1

Employee Eligibility Certification

First have the Core-Mark employee parent or guardian fill out and submit the Employee Eligibility Form.

Part 2

Student Scholarship Form

After the Employee has submitted the "Employee Eligibility" form, the student seeking consideration can fill-out and submit their Scholarship Application Form.

  Scholarship Application Form

Contact Us

If regarding an applicant, please include the applicants name.